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Restore decency and decorum to our school board

If elected, I will work to ensure that our school board meetings are conducted with professionalism, courtesy, and respect.

Over the past few years, we have seen a complete breakdown in civil discourse and respectful debate among the members of our board. Meetings have become increasingly contentious and divisive, creating a hostile environment that does not promote productive discussion. While our school board members have focused on scoring political points against one another for some measure of perceived personal glory, important issues have been sidelined and our students have suffered. It is crucial to create a respectful and inclusive environment where all stakeholders can voice their opinions and concerns. I’m not here for the name calling, the yelling, the bickering, or the schoolyard insults. I am interested in helping to create an atmosphere that fosters constructive dialogue and meaningful decision-making. I am committed to working collaboratively with any board member who comes to the table in good faith on behalf of our students and their families. It’s time to put the focus back on our students and stop playing political games with their future.

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To watch a video on some of thoughts on transparency and leadership, click here

Provide increased mental health support for our students

The research shows a mental health crisis among our youth, and if you have a young person in your life whom you love, you’ve almost certainly witnessed this first-hand. Our students cannot reach their full potential when they are grappling with anxiety, depression, or self-harm. It is essential that we provide the resources and support needed to help our students thrive. This means investing in mental health services, providing training for teachers and staff on identifying and addressing mental health concerns, and working with parents and community organizations to create a culture of openness and support. By prioritizing our students’ mental well-being, we can help our students feel safe, supported, and ready to learn.

You can read more about my experience as a mental health professional here

My thoughts on World Mental Health Day can be found here

Click here to watch a short video on our students' mental health needs. 

Recruit and retain outstanding educators

Our educators are the heart of our school division. Under our current leadership, Spotsylvania has lost a significant number of high-quality teachers and administrators to other school districts. We have vacancies that we cannot fill and a number of classrooms without a licensed teacher. We are at a crisis point and, once again, our students are paying the price. I will work to attract and retain top talent by advocating for competitive compensation and supportive working conditions for our educators. By investing in our teachers, we will attract the best and brightest to our district and ensure that our students receive the high-quality education they deserve.

I was interviewed about our teacher vacancies by Fredericksburg Today.  You can read that story here

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Insure the success of our special education students

SCPS is not meeting our responsibility to our special education students and their families. During my time working in SCPS, I provided dance therapy services to special education students who received these services according to their IEPs. I have collaborated with special education teachers and related service providers across our county. I look forward to bringing that experience and knowledge to the school board so that we can ensure the success of all our students.

You can read more about my special education experience here

To watch a short video of me talking about special education, click here.  

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